Our team is excited to offer celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippman's sensational line of vegan nail laquers and treatments! The rich selection of colours offer a fabulous shine and staying power with no harsh chemicals! Because she caters to Hollywood's A-list clientele, her colours are always on top of the latest trends. Ask for Deborah Lippmann polish with your next manicure or pedicure!

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salt-stone-web-inset-imagesA full body massage with warm Himalayan Salt stones that soothe muscles, reduce inflammation, and helps calm the nervous system. These beautiful stones are also a natural air purifier.

60 min | $100





volume-lashes-web-inset-images Russian volume extensions, also known as voluminization, is a technique where more than one lash extension is applied on a natural lash. The extensions are finer and lighter than conventional lashes so the result is a fluffy full set of lashes. Your lash stylist can apply 2 to 6 lashes per eyelash to create texture and depth. The effect is a full natural look.

Volume lashes take a bit more time to apply but are a great look for everyone, especially for clients that have shorter and more sparse lashes.

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Half Set allow 2 hrs $200
Full Set allow 3 hours $280
Hollywood Glam 3.5 hrs $350
Touch-Ups 45 min $90 60 min $125



Aria Beauty tools use the latest in technology including infrared heat to protect hair from damage by applying it in a new way. The infrared heat works with ceramic plates to create negative ions that then stimulate the oils within the hair shaft to rise to the surface leaving you with terrific results with a product that’s gentle on your hair! Check out our full range of styling tools today in our retail boutique!

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The term Skin Climate is new to most skin care enthusiasts and skin professionals. This is not surprising considering Skin Climate represents a relatively recent area of research. If we take into account that Skin Climate governs everything from skin health, repair, hydration, fine lines and wrinkles, you will realize the importance of learning about the Skin Climate concept and more importantly how to influence it to unlock the full potential of your skin.

All cells of our body undergo a constant cycle of breakdown and renewal. As we age cell repair slows down, becomes less efficient which leads us down a path of degeneration and aging.

This same process is occurring in our skin. The exact mechanisms of aging are currently the subject of intense scientific research, however we do know at the root of aging is chronic inflammation and free radical stress.

These two underlying conditions influence the balance between cell breakdown and repair which represent the key factors that influence your Skin Climate.

bend-beauty inset-images smThe skin’s dermal layer sits below the epidermis and contains the collagen-elastin matrix, sensory nerves, hair follicles, and oil glands. Unlike the epidermis the dermis contains tiny blood vessels which supply nutrients from our diet. Using this approach, we can saturate the dermis with specific nutrients to optimize the Skin Climate, shifting the skin into an optimal state of renewal and slowing the aging process.

Bend Skincare is a pioneering product that is specifically formulated to help optimize Skin Climate. It is the first product ever to receive a license by Health Canada for skin care anti-aging claims including protection against UV. With the option of 1 tsp or 4 softgels Bend Skincare is easy to take. As the foundation of your anti-aging skin care routine Bend Skincare also enhances your skin’s response to topicals, lights and lasers, as well as surgical procedures.

For more information visit www.bendbeauty.com.

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Osteopathy is a therapy and treatment that helps restore proper biomechanics and vitality to all systems of the body. 

Osteopaths are trained to treat the cause of an issue, not the symptom and use a manual approach to find areas of restrictive movement in the body. Alleviating any restrictions allows the body to flow and heal itself. 

Meghan Martin is a professional member of the National Manual Osteopathic Society and the Society of Osteopaths of Canada. Coupled with her BSc in Kinesiology, she has an extensive background in body mechanics and has helped many patients re-align and enhance their body’s healing process.

Want to learn more? Email Meghan directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Introducing Vitaskin...

The new Vitaskin line from Eminence can help treat skin conditions such as inflammation, lack of firmness, and acne internally and topically.


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