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Congratulations Sheri & Laura

Goldwell salonnews
Exciting Spirit news has us all a buzz talking with two of our stylists who just recently returned from Berlin Germany for the launch of the latest Goldwell hair collection. Sheri Bullen and Laura Gourly have new inspiration which they are sharing with the rest of our studio team that was inspired by there trip to Berlin.
Goldwell's latest collection is called Traditional Rebel. This amazing collection shares elements of decontruction and construction as well as mixing harmony and disharmony in both the hair and the fashion. Goldwell has creatively brought elements from the past and modernized them to create this great collection. Our stylists are already planning their next photoshoot to share in this inspiration.
Check out all the award winners and the collection here.

Night at Nocturne

Spirit Spa participated in Nocturne 2014. Our stylists were on hand to present their interpretation of Goddesses. It was an evening of beautiful hair, art and music. Claudia Legg, Artist, was exhibiting. 



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