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Candid conversations about the latest trends in healthy, beauty and wellness.

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Posted by on in Team Spirit

How to get a bikini body- Step 1: Buy a bikini. Step 2: Put it on your body. It doesn’t matter your size or shape. We are all about the #selflove movement and have compiled our team’s top tips to take care of and love your body this summer!


1- Exfoliate. Summer is the toughest season on your skin as more of it is exposed to the elements. Sun, sand, water, wind & dirt are all working against your skin. Use a good exfoliating mitt (our team loves Renaissance Mitts), dry brush, or use one of our gorgeous scrubs to slough off the damaged skin and start fresh for the next day of summer fun! 


2- Moisturize. Proper moisturizing does many things for your skin, most importantly, preventing and treating signs of aging. For maximum impact, use a tinted moisturizer with SPF and at night, mix your moisturizer with a serum.

3- Meditate. Our Massage Therapy clients often confess that their time in the room is the only time they get to zone out. Take some time each day this summer to focus on you. Think about what you are doing to reach your personal goals. Enjoy a nature walk, meditate or take in a yoga class to relax your mind. The benefits of mindful living have a truly positive effect on your body. 

4- SPF. Don’t stay completely out of the sun – that’s the best part of summer! Just make sure your skin is covered. Choose a sunscreen that you love & make SPF a part of your daily skincare regime. Still want that summer glow? Fake it! Use bronzers & self tanning products to help you achieve any level of desired colour.

5- Hydrate. You think you had enough water today? Double it! Chances are you aren’t hitting your daily required intake, especially when you weigh in the coffee you just drank and the patio cocktails you’re going to enjoy after work. Proper hydration will help with your weight, skin & overall health. Fill up your water bottle early in the day and watch your energy flow.

b2ap3_thumbnail_unnamed-1.png6- Eat Clean. This can be easy or complex depending on your day to day life. A terrific first step is eliminating processed foods and eating foods that are simple and wholesome! Eat what is in season, and keep it easy – a side of BBQ’d veggies works with every meal!

7- Play and be Active. Remember when those snowbanks were looming over our heads and we prayed for summer? Don’t let it pass you by! Take advantage, get outside & get moving. Walk to work if it’s an option, or take a stroll around the block after dinner. Adding in that extra physical activity is one decision you will never regret!                                                           



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Photo shared by on in Team Spirit

By Sondra Robinson - Clinical Esthetician, Lash Extensionist, RMT

Intraceuticals is a treatment Spirit offers that uses pressurized purified oxygen to infuse hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in our skin, but diminishes as we age. It holds a thousand times its own weight in water, so it’s responsible for keeping skin hydrated, plump and young looking.

Intraceuticals offers two types of treatments- Rejuvenate and Clarity. Clarity treatments are for people with stressed out, dehydrated, sensitive and acne-prone skin. Acne prone skin is especially aggravated by winter weather and stress. Most traditional acne treatments focus on drying out the skin and oil. What I love about Intraceuticals is that it focuses on maintaining skin’s health and healing from the inside out.

acne treatment

After just one treatment, your skin will feel plumper, more hydrated and healthy, and acne blemishes will heal much quicker. Clarity treatments have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents which target redness as well.

For best results with acne, I recommend a series of six treatments- twice a week for 3 weeks. I’ve seen terrific results with my clients who see less redness, inflammation, fewer clogged pores and blackheads. They also experience a shorter healing time with hormonal breakouts.

Try a treatment for the month of April for only $95.00 (Save $30) and see the difference for yourself.

Questions or bookings? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Posted by on in Spa

by Spirit RMT Jillian Mihichuk



What if I said I had an easy, cost efficient, natural way to lose weight, sleep better, boost your immunity and improve the look of your skin and hair? 

Interested? Now stay with me... The answer is COLD showers! I realize this sounds horrifying during the winter that we have been having, but the benefits of cold showers are many... And you can work up to them gradually if you're not up for going full plunge right away.

1. Strengthens Immunity

People who take regular cold showers are less likely to develop colds, flus, and even some forms of cancer.

2. Regulates Temperature

Cold showers provide a gentle form of stress that leads to thermogenesis (internal generation of body heat), which in turn activates the body's adaptive repair systems.

3. Increases Metabolism

Metabolism is stimulated through the growth/repair of muscles in the cold. 

4. Alleviates Depression

Cold water has a stimulating effect on the brain's blue spot, the main source of noradrenaline for our bodies. Noradrenaline is a chemical that could be used to help alleviate depression.

5. Deepens Breathing

A higher average intake of oxygen is good for many things like increased energy during the day and higher performance in sports or other exercises.

6. Keeps Skin and Hair Healthy

It is well known that hot water dries out our skin and hair. On the other hand, cold water can make our hair look shinier and our skin healthier by tightening cuticles and pores, preventing them from getting clogged, thus reducing blemishes like acne.


7. Increases Energy and Wellbeing

The heart starts pumping, and the rush of blood through the body helps shake off the lethargy of the previous night's sleep.

8. Increases Hormone Production

Cold water showers have the ability to increase hormone production and activity by giving the body's glands a boost

9. Improves Sleep

Taking a cold shower one hour before bed may help trigger sleep signals and give you a deeper sleep..( this one I have tried and it works!)

10. Stimulates Weight Loss

We have 2 types of fat in our bodies.. white(bad) and brown (good). Brown fat is activated when exposed to extreme cold and burns calories to help keep you warm.

Have I sparked your interest yet?

The beys way to begin this challenge is to dry brush your skin before getting in the shower starting at your right ankle and always moving up towards the heart. Then, take your normal shower(warm, not hot). When you are ready, start with some deep breaths and change the setting to cool, then starting at your feet, let the water flow all over moving from feet upwards to the torso. Keep breathing and relaxed until you are ready for the face and front of body and the back. This whole process shouldn't take longer than a minute! 

If you really can't take a full shower, at least try washing your hands, elbows, face, ears and feet with cold water. You'll be amazed!

Above all, be kind to yourself! 

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Posted by on in Spa



Getting a bikini wax can be a daunting experience, but my clients always find it a worthwhile experience for the freedom it gives! At Spirit, we offer 3 choices when it comes to bikini waxing to cover all levels of comfort and preference.

Many clients are afraid of the pain of waxing, due to sensitive skin or just the thought of the process. Our team is trained in techniques to make this as painless as possible! We also carry a very popular product called No Scream Cream, which can be applied 20 minutes before your service to dull sensitivity.

The Bikini Wax- 

The regular bikini wax removes all hair to your regular underwear line. This can include a small strip on the lower abdomen and inner thigh if requested. 

The French Ultra- 

This is a high cut bikini wax, removing hair in the front only, leaving a strip of varying width. Also can include a small strip on the lower abdomen and inner thigh.

The Brazilian or Full Monty- 

This bikini wax can be up to and including everything- front and back. Some people choose to leave a small area, but it is up to your preference.

My best advice for aftercare is just two very important instructions: Daily exfoliation and moisturizing! For best results, I highly recommend using a Renaissance Exfoliating Mitt and Eminence Naseberry Body Lotion. 

If you’ve been thinking of trying one of these services, don’t be afraid! You are in good hands with our experienced team of estheticians. Don’t be shy or afraid to ask questions. We are the experts and here to help you get the results you want! 


    To book your waxing appointment today, call 902-431-8100 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

Important tip: If you have been in the sun or plan to be before your waxing service, or have ever taken products containing Retinol A, it is very important to let your esthetician know.


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Posted by on in Salon

Are you looking for something fun to do with your hair? Or do your friends all seem to have thick, long hair and you wish you did too?  Maybe it’s time to consider hair extensions.  Tara Hubley is the resident Spirit expert on extensions; so we went straight to her for the run down!

There are endless styles and processes; Clip ins, bonded, crimped, glue and halos – to name just a few. Before you commit, consider a couple of key questions.

1. How much are you willing to spend?

2. What is the primary goal, length or fullness?

3. Will you keep them up or are they for a special occasion?

Steps to Halo Extensions

Many of Tara’s clients purchase Halo Couture extensions. They’re made of real hair and can be coloured to match your own colour.  You can flat iron, curl, wash them and the way Halo’s slip into your hair is really easy.  Just lift up a section of your hair around the crown, place the halo directly on your head and then use the Halo comb to pull out sections to cover the halo.  The cost varries from $350 - $450 depending on length and the result is instant!

For permanent extensions, Tara specializes in Cinderella extensions.  They are real hair and are bonded to your own natural hair using a special glue process.  It can can take 4-6 hours for a full application so bring a book and feel free to order lunch! The results last 3-6 months so the time is definitely worth it.  These extensions are easily maintained with specific shampoo and conditioners and require daily brushing to keep them in great shape.

b2ap3_thumbnail_windy-brown.jpgExtensions offer flexibility and the opportunity to transform your look overnight.  As Tara says, the best place to start is with a consultation.

Have fun with extensions. 

Love your hair,

Nicole @ Spirit

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